One More Night
Some Day
Let Me Be (Your Angel)
Shoulder to Cry On
Can't Go Back
  Would you like to have a song written especially for you or a loved one?
Would you like to surprise someone special for an upcoming holiday, anniversary or birthday?
I will co-write a love song with you, record it professionally, & send you a finished CD
We now also accept Visa/Mastercard via PayPal
Custom Love Songs can be for any occasion including:
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter & of course Valentines Day
Here's how it works:

First email me some information at:

1. Who or what would you like the custom love song to be about?
2. Tell me a little bit about your loved one...
(young/old, hair/eye color, how/when you first met, interests, things you like to do together, etc)
3. What type of love song are you looking for: uptempo pop (or) romantic love ballad
(Later this year I will be adding R&B love songs & Country love songs)
4. What date and/or occasion do you need the completed song & CD for:
5. Be sure to read the important details section below so that you understand the whole custom song process before continuing

To hear some of the love songs I’ve written
please visit me @
1. "One More Night" - "Wishing you had one more night with the one you love to try and work things out"
2. "Some Day" - "Custom love song for Lauren in New Jersey. Will we or will we not be together? Only the song knows for sure..."
3. More Than Just a Breath” - "Custom love song for Jeff & Tammy. There is more to love than meets the eye. We share everything..."
A few important details about
our Custom Love Song:
1. I will write lyrics and music that match your request and information you send. The fact that I am writing lyrics and music to match your information supplied means that we are co-writing your Custom Love Song together. You and I will own the song together - We will share in the songwriting credit and ownership 50/50
2. With your permission, our finished love song will also be available online at for all to hear. Should a recording artist or producer contact me about recording the song, I would contact you and guide you through the process of joining ASCAP or BMI (songwriters performance rights societies) so that you may collect royalties from any possible radio/TV airplay.
3. Because of the time and care it takes to write a quality love song, I can only write and record 1 custom love song per month. If you are interested please email me at, and I will tell you where you are in the Custom Song queue. If the proposed delivery date I give works for you, you then send in your payment and that will lock you in on the my schedule for your desired date. Please note that a deposit is required before I begin work on your custom Love Song.
4. As co-writers of this special Love Song, we will both give each other permission to modify the song later down the line should we wish. This will have no effect on the 50/50 split we have between us. (ie. if I decide to totally rewrite the music someday and someone scores a big hit with it, we both still share credit, ownership and profits from the song 50/50)